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FAQ - To know ...

Our customers enjoy unique, often personalized goods that cannot be had through conventional retailers/manufacturers. What to expect: Just remember that ink on paper is not as vivid as color we see on computer monitors!  Also: Due to differences in materials and/or dimensions, a design on Folded Notes will be somewhat different than the same design on Tags or Stickers.

We cannot accept returned items that have been personalized/customized.

Paper products are generally printed on substantial 80 lb or 100 lb cover stock, depending on the item. Embroidery / Monogram Embroidery - If you'd like a Thread Chart of your very own (real thread / 2 weeks / for keeps), let us know and we'll order one for you. (Roughly $50) Please contact lizpaper@gmail.com.

May I return personalized/customized items?

Sorry, we cannot accept returned items. If there's a problem with a non-personalized item, please contact us within 3 days of receipt for a full refund. 

We cannot guarantee free return shipping.

Will I receive a proof before you print?
Sure! And on most things -

Invitations / Personalized Tags - we will email you a complimentary proof of your job. Please acknowledge receipt of any proofs and give us your OK via email so we may proceed with printing and get your fun stuff out to you asap!
Embroidered Goods - we will email you a complimentary low-res pdf proof of your job.

NOTE: Liz Paper is not responsible for any typos or mistakes in wording not found by a customer during proofing. We want you to be happy, so we print / sew exactly what you approve. *

What if I want to make a change? 
If you contact us before we've started production, we’re glad to make any changes you like!

Proofing works like this::

First proof - Free
Second Proof (showing any changes made to the first one) - FREE
Third Proof -  Paper Goods:
Any changes to the second proof will be billed at $10.00

More Changes/Proofs -
Every change/proof after that is another $10.00 each
Embroidered Items:
Any changes to the second proof will be billed at $25.00

Every change/proof after that is another $25.00 each

Please understand that if you'd like to make a change after we've started working on your project, we will need to start over. You'll be billed for the first order in full as well as the new one! Please proof with attention to detail.

What printing methods are used?
All printed pieces shown on this site are digitally produced. Custom work, including monograms, can be designed expressly for offset, letterpress or engraving, depending upon the look you want. Please inquire!

Liz Paper generally uses USPS Priority and FedEx.
Should a package arrive damaged:
1.) First, please contact us for the return shipping address.
2.) Include your order number along with item(s) being returned.
3.) We will issue a return authorization number which must be included on your return package. All return packages must be insured for the full replacement price.

May I purchase an actual sample of my job?
Depends on the product because they're all produced a bit differently... but please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help! (Small charges for samples-printing and shipping will apply.).

* What if I decide to cancel my order after I've received the first proof?
Once we've emailed a proof of your order, we've already spent time and care readying it for printing. It's alright to cancel an order altogether but we do charge a fee to cover the work and time already spent. Cancellation Fee for Paper Goods is half the purchase price. i.e., if you decide to cancel an order of Personalized Gift Tags for $19 and have already been issued a proof (ie, we have sent you an email), you will be billed half the purchase price, or $9.50. Cancellation Fee, Embroidered Items: If you have already been issued a proof (we have sent you an email), you will be billed $30.00 to cancel the project. 

* Yike, I made a mistake! What now?
Once you've approved your proof, we produce your job. If after approving the proof you decide to make a change, we'll need to re-print the order...or create new embroidery, so you will be billed for both the first order and its replacement.

Yike, Liz Paper made a mistake! 
We're very careful with each job but mistakes are possible here too. Should you discover an error, we ask that you contact us within 2 days of receipt of your package. If we've made a mistake, your order will be reprinted free of charge and as our top priority - of course!

We will never sell customer information.


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